CO2 Extraction

Carbon dioxide is an odorless, colorless gas. It is a byproduct of animal respiration, and often consumed by humans in the form of carbonated beverages. When great pressure is applied to CO2, it becomes a liquid which can be used to dissolve and extract desirable compounds from a great variety of substances. Carbon dioxide extraction has been used for decades to decaffeinate coffee and extract essential oils without leaving toxic residues. While butane and propane are excellent solvents, they are flammable, and can leave harmful residues in the end product. In addition, being derived from petroleum, they are not environmentally friendly. Peak Extracts is dedicated to providing patients with the cleanest, safest extracts as possible, with the least environmental impact. CO2 extraction is the natural choice for us.

CO2 extracted cannabis oil is a light amber, viscous substance that dissolves beautifully into our small batch, professionally tempered chocolates. We think you’ll appreciate the synergy- highest quality chocolate infused with essential oil from organic, Oregon grown cannabis.